Recycling Metal: What To Know

Posted on: 14 June 2018


Recycling metal can be a great way to move extra materials off your work sites while allowing you to make some cash from the experience. You might even collect some scrap metal on your own with the goal of taking it to a recycling center. Using these scrapping tips is wise if you want to recycle metal.

1-Protect Yourself

First, take care to protect your body while handling scrap metal. It may seem silly to don a pair of gloves and goggles every time you're gathering metal for recycling, however metal can sometimes be sharp or uncomfortable to handle with bare hands. Any chemicals can irritate your skin, and rusting metal can sometimes flake and small bits can get into your eyes or existing cuts. Use protective gear; you may even keep sturdy boots around so that you don't drop heavy metal pieces on your toes and hurt them.

2-Separate Metals

A major mistake that will pin you as a beginner is to fail to separate what you bring to a recycling center. Different metals have different value, and you'll be making it easier for yourself and the center staff if you separate all your metals in a smart way.

You can likely recognize common metals like copper, steel, and aluminum. You can also get a strong magnet and separate all ferrous materials from the non-ferrous. Ferrous metals have iron in them and will gravitate toward the magnet; non-ferrous materials will not.

3-Know Basic Values

If you care about the money you'll make with your metals, it's vital to prep yourself before dropping off materials. Each day, commodity markets display going rates for various metals like aluminum and steel. Knowing these numbers will stop you from underselling the metals you have. You can also inquire quickly with different centers about whether they're offering better prices than other facilities.

4-Talk with Others

Scrap metal recycling can sometimes be a lonely pursuit; speaking with others has benefits. Other scrap metal sellers and people who recycle metal can give you better gathering tips, offer more ideas about where to find metals, and answer your questions. If no such persons seem to be in your area, try online groups and forums.

Your metal recycling endeavors can pay off with these pointers. Converse with metal recycling center staff to further understand what they are looking for and how you could help them while enriching yourself too.