Backyard Forest Clearings: Effective Ways to Use Dumpster Rentals

Posted on: 4 October 2016


Creating a forest clearing in your backyard comes with many advantages and uses. A forest clearing gives an area for pets to roam and for kids to play, and it allows for the expanded use of recreational items like trampolines and tents. When planning out a forest clearing, there is likely to be a lot of waste associated with the area. To help get rid of the waste and keep the area as clear as possible, you can rely on a dumpster rental. Roll-off dumpster rentals can be placed as close to forest clearing, as the truck will be able to reach the dumpster and provide you with easy access to waste disposal. When you are considering a dumpster rental, there are effective ways to get the most out of the rental. By planning ahead, you can ensure that the rental is used well and that your forest clearing is actually cleared out.

Dumpster Rental Lengths

Some of the biggest items you'll be removing from a forest clearing are trees. By knowing height of the trees, you can have a good idea of the dumpster size that you will need. To help save time and resources, you should rent a dumpster that is about half the length of the tallest tree you are cutting down. By renting a dumpster at this length, you have the ability to cut the tree in half rather than into more pieces. Instead of breaking the tree down into small parts, you can easily slide the two halves into the dumpster. Many dumpster rentals feature swinging doors on an end. The door gives you open access to the dumpster without having to lift everything over the top. Large tree portions can easily get dragged inside the dumpster and lined up to conserve space.

Leaf Bags

Clearing out a forest area can involve a lot of large objects, but there are plenty of little items to consider. Pine needles, small twigs, and leaves can quickly add up when they are raked into large piles. Placing these piles inside a dumpster can create problems when large gusts of wind blow by. The wind can easily lift the items up and blow them back out of the dumpster. An ideal solution is to purchase large leaf bags while renting the dumpster. You can fill the leaf bags and then stack them neatly inside the dumpster. The bags can often be crushed down and condensed so that they are not taking up a lot of space within the dumpster.

Lawn-Sweeper Rentals

When you are renting a dumpster, the dumpster will typically be placed in a single location, and all of the items will be brought to it. You can make the transportation of small sticks, twigs, and rocks a lot easier with the use of a lawn-sweeper rental. Typically attached to the back of a lawn mower, the sweeper picks up everything it rides over and stores it inside of a large bag or bin. Once you are done sweeping the forest clearing, the bag can be placed right near the dumpster opening. It can be emptied out inside of the dumpster. This can make it a lot easier to dispose of these items.

Dumpster Weight Limits

Along with trees, another one of the more bulky items involved in a forest-clearing project are large boulders or rocks. Removing these rocks can help clear up a lot of space, but they can also be very heavy and add a lot of weight to your dumpster loads. When you are renting a dumpster, you should look for unlimited weight amounts in the rental agreement. Some companies may charge by the size of the dumpster instead of the weight. This allows you to freely add rocks and soil without any concerns for the weight. A large hammer or chiseling tool can help you break down the rocks for easy disposal inside of the dumpster.

As you plan the forest clearing, contact dumpster-rental companies for different prices based on the size and rental duration. This can help you properly plan and budget your rental as needed.